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Domain patrol

Competent organizations and domain name registrars work together to eliminate detected threats and provide the security of Russian domain space.

18.01.2024 CC TLD .RU/.РФ
Proactive Approach Helps Fight Against Phishing

A traditional meeting of Netoscope participants took place

22.11.2023 CC TLD .RU/.РФ
43,910 Malicious Domains Blocked Since the Beginning of 2023
#malicious domains
04.08.2023 CC TLD .RU/.РФ
Поддерживаю.РФ project hosts competition as part of CTF Summer School
16.03.2023 CC TLD .RU/.РФ
Domestic Solutions For The Security Of The Runet
18.01.2023 CC TLD .RU/.РФ
The Number Of Phishing Domains Grows
15.12.2022 CC TLD .RU/.РФ
Modern Challenges of Information Security were Discussed at the Vorotan
08.12.2022 CC TLD .RU/.РФ
Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ Took Part in the "Cyberstability: Approaches, Prospects, Challenges" Conference