The UIC Dev conference took place in Izhevsk on September 18
UIC Dev participants learn about Domain Patrol project
Only 85 new coronavirus-related domains appeared in August
Rate of coronavirus-related domain registrations almost halves
The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ project, Domain Patrol, marks its first anniversary
Domain patrol: Year on the watch
Director of the Coordination Center Andrey Vorobyev was interviewed by the Internet User Safety website.
Coordination Center Director Andrey Vorobyev gives an interview on internet security
The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ continues to monitor the registration rate of COVID-19 related domains in the .RU and .РФ ccTLDs
Speed of coronavirus related domain registrations stabilizes
Please be especially careful when visiting websites with references to QR codes and certificates.
The number of coronavirus-related domains is growing
Long weekend apparently reduced cyberthreats
Corona-domain registrations drop by one third in May
Registrars and competent organizations are now cooperating in TLD .RU, .РФ and .SU
Russian Institute for Public Networks joins Policy of cooperation and coordination to prevent misuse of domain names
In September, users registered 120 COVID-related domain names in .RU and .РФ – half of the number of similar domains registered during the previous month
Coronadomains: No second wave?
Participants in the CENTR meeting explored the monitoring results of coronavirus-related domains
Not all COVID-related domains are malicious
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