Domain patrol: Year on the watch
Domain patrol: Year on the watch

Domain Patrol, a Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ project, dedicated to cooperation between competent organizations and accredited domain registrars in .RU and .РФ, was launched in August 2020. Its watch began on August 13, 2020, and today we can review the first year of operations.

Today, 11 competent organizations cooperate with the Coordination Center. In this first year, the cooperation system of the competent organizations and accredited domain registrars received 10,817 requests. Experts associate almost 90 percent of them with phishing websites. They also process requests related to the spread of malware, botnet controllers and distribution of child pornography. The results of the organizations’ activities can be found at the project’s website.

Domain Patrol gives users an opportunity to quickly report a malicious website threat to the experts as well as send news, advice, analytical materials, and research on the security on the internet and in the .RU and .РФ domain zones.

The доменныйпатруль.рф website has data from the hotlines of the competent organizations cooperating with the Coordination Center as well as the Russian Ministry of the Interior’s hotline for countering cyber fraud. In addition, it has the latest data on spreading cyberthreats on the internet and the fight against malicious resources.

“Over the last year, Domain Patrol has become a real showcase for the institute of competent organizations: it was welcomed both by internet users, as we can see from the growing number of visitors, and the professional community: competent organizations themselves and accredited domain name registrars. Today Domain Patrol has become a platform to promptly exchange requests to cancel or, conversely, restore domain delegations, which helps to respond to illegal content on the internet in a timely manner, and intensify the struggle against it, the volume of which continues to grow. The project will continue to develop and attract new organizations and new users,” noted Olga Baskakova, head of the Domain Patrol project.